Leather and Cookies by Axe

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Way back in the 1970s, a team at Ogilvy came up with the timeless phrase “Two great tastes that taste great together.”

That classic bit of copywriting described the irresistible combination of chocolate and peanut butter in Reese’s cups. But it could apply to almost any two seemingly incongruous flavors, smells or other sensations, including … leather and cookies?

Since its 1984 debut, Axe has given the teenage boys of the world many classic bodywash and bodyspray scents, including Africa, Anti-Hangover and Denim. But this new product may be its oddest yet. The Unilever brand turned to German creative agency Dokyo to help promote the impossible combination of Leather + Cookies, and they did not disappoint.

I want to ask you does this sell more of the product?

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Toyota’s Championship Game

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Toyota really scored big with this “Championship Game” commercial The spot features two sisters learn the meaning of sportsmanship when they attend their father’s wheelchair basketball game, nervously watching as he gets knocked to the ground by an opposing player, and then witness the dejection in his eyes after his team is defeated. As they are about to leave, he rolls over to the man who knocked him down and shakes his hand. It really appeals to the audience’s emotions, a tried and true tactic when advertisers feature “disability” in their advertising.

The spot, can be credited to Saatchi & Saatchi L.A captured passion, competitiveness and good sportsmanship, a move in the right direction for advertising. Advertising featuring people with disabilities usually portrays them as a group to be pitied. Toyota does a good job portraying them in a more positive manner.

Domino’s Made a ‘Wipeable’ Adult Onesie, So You Can Get Pizza All Over Yourself While Eating

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Dominos onezee

Want to attack your pizza like a Neanderthal, but worried about getting sauce all over your fancy clothes? Domino’s has the perfect gag garment for you.

Just in time for New Year’s Day, which is Domino’s busiest day of the year in the U.K., the pizza chain has unveiled what it’s calling “the world’s first ‘wipeable’ onesie,” a ridiculous piece of attire made of “stain proof fabric with soft velveteen for comfort and resilience.”

Made by fashion designer Charlotte Denn, it allows the wearer to eat pizza with wild abandon—without having to worry about sauce spillage.

The creation of the onesie was also pegged to research revealing that almost three quarters of Brits (73 percent) change into pajamas or comfy clothes the moment they get home each evening.

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This Condom Maker Just Designed Some Sportswear

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Condom sportswear

Condom sportswear

A new fashion-flavored campaign is putting a new spin on the idea of a full-body condom.

To prove how comfortable its proprietary non-latex material really is, condom brand Skyn decided to create a line of athletic wear, and put it to the test.

A smoky, sultry 1:30 ad from Sid Lee Amsterdam features tech-infused clothing designer Pauline von Dongen describing her approach to the project, including dragonfly-wing-inspired flaps on the arms of a shirt, which can supposedly give a long jumper more, um, lift.

Client: Skyn
Agency: Sid Lee Amsterdam

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New Uncle Drew Featuring Kyrie Irving

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New Uncle Drew Featuring Kyrie Irving

It’s been a while since Inside That Ad has published a post. It’s been so long that we’ve even lost our original domain name. We are now a .NET instead of a .COM. In any case, to commemorate the City of Cleveland’s first sports victory in 52 years via the Cleveland Cavaliers. Here is another installment of Pepsi’s Uncle Drew.

You can see older chapters of this phenomenal Uncle Drew series in a previous post.

Coke Continues to Show Caring Towards Disabled Community

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coca-cola-braille-hed-2015Hello world,

I always knew that the Coca-Cola Company was one of the greatest companies in the world. The advertisement that we’ll discuss today further strengthens my belief. What you see above are Coke can designs created so that blind individuals can read them. Now, here’s why I believe the company is one of the greats, I think these cans were designed so that blind individuals can also be a part of the ” Friend” campaign.

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Ronald Getting new Threads

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Apparently, the most famous McDonald’s character is getting some new threads. The fashion upgrade will be done with the assistance of Tony award-winning costume designer Ann Hould-Ward, famous for designing for Broadway shows such as “Beauty and the Beast” and “Into the Woods,” according to Creativity.

I wonder what the reason is behind the new fashion statement? Ronald, where you starting to scare the kids with all the brightly colored clothes? Let me know what you think in the comments down below.

Mad Men: Final Season Underway

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Hello World,

I realize that Inside That Ad has been off-line for a while but I really do have good reason, last August I began Pepperdine University’s full-time MBA program. Anyway, onto the most important topic, at least on this blog, “Advertising.” The final season of Mad Men began about two weeks ago and the psychedelic looking poster was a real attention grabber for me.


The psychedelic poster is courtesy of Milton Glaser, a graphic designer who also created the I  NY logo. you all should roll on over to his site and check out some of his work, he’s at least got my approval. Back to the poster, supposedly it is a visual depiction of Don Draper’s mind.

It’s good to be back everybody. Please come back and read Inside That Ad.

Droga5’s ‘Recalling 1993’ Project Turns NYC Pay Phones Into Geo-Located Time Capsules

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Agency and client have launched “Recalling 1993,” offering a raw, unfiltered listen to what was going on around New York City 20 years ago. The campaign turns pay phones into geo-located time capsules—dial (855) FOR-1993 from any pay phone in Manhattan, and you will hear a personal account of what was going down in that particular area in 1993, a pivotal year in the city’s history. The recordings offer memories of everything from the World Trade Center bombing in the Financial District to the club culture at Limelight in Chelsea to the opening of Angels in America in Midtown.

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