Burger King Reveals the Uncomfortable Truth About Bullying in a Remarkable In-Store Stunt

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Bullying is a seemingly intractable problem, but there is one simple thing you can do about it. If you see it happening, you can step in and try to stop it.

Burger King, of all brands, makes that point saliently in a new ad from David Miami timed to National Bullying Prevention Month. Released this morning, the three-minute video features an interesting social experiment filmed by hidden cameras recently in a Los Angeles-area BK.

It involves the Whopper Jr., as well as a high-school junior who’s being bullied in full view of BK’s patrons. Without further spoilers, check out the spot below.

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Six ways to Improve Your Millennial Marketing

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According to the Pew Research Center, Millennials are the nation’s largest living generation. They are a age bracket that lack a long attention span; they crave experiences, activism, and constant connection. They are an age group that doesn’t settle, which means your marketing initiatives have to be a bit more creative in order to attract the right attention.

If you’re a business that wants to attract millennials, but haven’t figured out how, these are some of the best tactics you can use to create a relevant relationship between your brand and Generation Y.

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Bud Light Preps for a Special Sunday Night as It Tries to Make Ads That Break Into Culture

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Bud Light is expressly trying to generate cultural buzz with its new “Famous Among Friends” campaign, and it sees this Sunday as its next big opportunity to do so.

The AB InBev brand, and agency Wieden + Kennedy New York, have created two 60-second commercials tailored to two high-profile events that day—the Patriots-Falcons NFL game Sunday night on NBC (8:30 p.m. ET), a rematch of February’s Super Bowl; and the Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC, also airing Sunday evening (9 p.m. ET).

For the Patriots-Falcons game, Bud Light has made “The Hero’s Return,” a spot in which a guy returning from a trip to the concessions stand to buy beers at Gillette Stadium is humorously recast in a period piece celebrating the homecoming of a colonial Patriot.

Ad agency isWieden + Kennedy, New York.

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Add Value Or Be Labeled An Advertiser

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TV is done. Radio is toast. Print is dead. Everything is always coming to an end. Unless it isn’t. Maybe life is circular, not linear.

One thing that does not appear to be coming to an end is the endless onslaught of bad advertising.

Many companies can’t waste their time and money fast enough on tired cliches and other advertising mishaps. We only need to turn on the TV to see the shocking lack of insights into the human condition.

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Agencies Helping Agencies

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Why doesn’t Wieden + Kennedy/Portland spawn more startup agencies—something that Goodby Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco has successfully done for years? As someone who knows the Portland market, lack of client opportunities is the most obvious answer.

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Two NFL Players Melt Down While Trying to Eat Paqui’s Hellishly Spicy Chips

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the NFL that didn’t involve concussions, criminal behavior or angry tweets from the president. In fact, this video of Travis Kelce and Greg Olsen challenging each other to eat one of Paqui’s hellishly spicy Carolina Reaper Madness chips is probably the most positive media coverage we’ve seen about professional football in months.

The chip is named after its chief ingredient, the Carolina Reaper pepper, which happens to be the world’s spiciest pepper. This year’s batch of chips is even hotter than last year’s, and individually sold in coffin-shaped boxes that ask if the purchaser has any last words. And here we thought hot sauces led the race in ominous packaging.

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Why are Ads so Awful During the NLCS?

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If you guys are watching the NL CS series between the Dodgers and the Cubs, have you noticed the TV ads being awful? I have.

Like right now, it’s an Alpha Romeo car commercial that basically shows a car driving down the street at speeds that would never be legal in real life. Next, came a Taco Bell commercial about their new breakfast taco (it’s almost 9 PM at night mind you) again awful. Why would they have that at right now?

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Top 5 Video Practices for 2017

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Looking back at 2016, the year was one of the biggest yet for video marketing. More and more outlets adopted this form of advertising than ever before, and this massive adoption rate created new practices and trends that no one really saw coming.

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Leather and Cookies by Axe

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Way back in the 1970s, a team at Ogilvy came up with the timeless phrase “Two great tastes that taste great together.”

That classic bit of copywriting described the irresistible combination of chocolate and peanut butter in Reese’s cups. But it could apply to almost any two seemingly incongruous flavors, smells or other sensations, including … leather and cookies?

Since its 1984 debut, Axe has given the teenage boys of the world many classic bodywash and bodyspray scents, including Africa, Anti-Hangover and Denim. But this new product may be its oddest yet. The Unilever brand turned to German creative agency Dokyo to help promote the impossible combination of Leather + Cookies, and they did not disappoint.

I want to ask you does this sell more of the product?

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Toyota’s Championship Game

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Toyota really scored big with this “Championship Game” commercial The spot features two sisters learn the meaning of sportsmanship when they attend their father’s wheelchair basketball game, nervously watching as he gets knocked to the ground by an opposing player, and then witness the dejection in his eyes after his team is defeated. As they are about to leave, he rolls over to the man who knocked him down and shakes his hand. It really appeals to the audience’s emotions, a tried and true tactic when advertisers feature “disability” in their advertising.

The spot, can be credited to Saatchi & Saatchi L.A captured passion, competitiveness and good sportsmanship, a move in the right direction for advertising. Advertising featuring people with disabilities usually portrays them as a group to be pitied. Toyota does a good job portraying them in a more positive manner.