Test Drive Canada Campaign

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Test Drive Canada Campaign

JWT Canada released a digital campaign for Air Canada that advocates people give Canada a test drive by visiting as a tourist prior to moving there. I’d be willing to bet that they came up with this campaign based on research that people are increasing Googling “how to move to Canada” to avoid the possibility of a Trump presidency here in the U.S.

The spot begins with an Air Canada ticket agent watching a screen tracking how many Americans are searching for “How can I move to Canada?” — sitting at 1,367,899 as she says, “And there’s another one.” Then she proceeds to mention cultural and geographical differences that we, Americans should try out before booking a one way ticket up North. Differences such as the Metric system– successfully being funny.

Even more impressive is the fact that “Moving to Canada searches increased even more when the California primaries took place according to an AgencySpy article. Regardless of that little factoid, I still voted for the other guy!

What do you guys think of the campaign that debuted approximately in June, 2016.

Google Commercial: Story of Jacob

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Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 9.28.55 PMSo, I missed the ESPY awards today but apparently Google aired its first television commercial during the show. The commercial, a two-minute plus spot  focus on a gym dedicated to providing transgender athletes a place to work out — known as Jacob & City Gym. Interestingly enough, the commercial aired moments before USWNT star Abby Wambach presented the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage to Caitlyn Jenner. Thought of something else, Why are giving this person an award regardless of his/her courage? Wasn’t he/she responsible for the death of another person?

See Google’s debut into television advertising below.

My question is this, why is Caitlyn Jenner’s gender identity still being discussed? Why can’t we let people be who they want to be so long as they don’t infringe on anyone else’s rights?

Finally, I’ll let you know who that agency behind this commercial is as soon as I find out.

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Everyone Gets a Little Excited with Fiat & Viagra

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Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 4.47.18 PM

So I’ve wanted to write about this  advertisement for quite some time now but just haven’t got around to it. There are some ads that try to fake you out with what they’re trying to advertise and this is a great example of that. Then starts out by showing a young (at heart) couple where the wife is “ready to go-Pun intended.” The husband excitedly runs to the restroom to take a little blue pill. But, alas he accidentally drops it out the window and it goes for a ride through the city.

At the and of the tumbling journey of the blue pill it was swallowed by the The Fiat 500X which made the car bigger, stronger and faster. Oh, and let’s not forget obviously it’s ready for action. The commercial progresses everyone who comes in contact with the car gets a little excited too.

This commercial was a product of theThe Richards Group which reportedly shot the spot in Pitigliano, Tuscany according to Adfreak.  that agency did a wonderful job filling the spot and of course picking the location. But, this file does take the viewer required a loop. When I started watching it I thought it was definitely advertising Viagra and not a rocket on four wheels.

I’ll say this again as I said it many times before: sex sells no matter what products you’re selling. What you guys think? Did you always know that this spot was advertising a car? Let me know in the comments below.

I Would Do Anything for Love – M&Ms

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Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 1.00.58 AM

I wanted to share a cute commercial that grabbed my attention while I was at the movie theaters earlier this evening. It was more entertaining than the movie itself. A love ballad brought to you by the lovable M&M candies. While being tortured, a.k.a eaten, baked and sometimes licked by a beautiful group of girls. Oh, how I wish I was in their place.

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Zoosk Puts Go Daddy to Shame With Even Gnarlier Kissing Ad That frog is not much of a prince

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Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 11.49.22 AM

Jesse Heiman kissing God’s hands—aka, Bar Refaeli’s lips—for Go Daddy on the Super Bowl was one thing. Nasty, yes, but not bestial. For the latter, we turn to Zoosk, the dating site previously best known for its lecherous heart-puppet slobbering on a laptop. This new spot takes shock-kissing to a whole new level, as the girl (after a long pause to get up her courage) sloppily makes out with a frog, who unfortunately never turns into a prince. (The thing looks real, too.) It’s certainly appalling, but I’d take issue with the direction given to the actress. Wouldn’t it be better if she were loving every second of kissing Swamp Thing rather than looking utterly disgusted? See, Go Daddy knew what it was doing after all.

Read more at: http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/zoosk-puts-go-daddy-shame-even-gnarlier-kissing-ad-147314


Dunder Mifflin Gets a Super Bowl Ad

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I was amazed to read that the fictional paper company from the popular TV show “The Office” has become a real company. It became a real company when NBC teamed up with Quill (part of Staples) to market real Dunder Mifflin paper according to AdFreak. The paper became a real product in 2011 and now they are expanding their product lines.
Anyway, more good Dunder Mifflin paper, they are getting their own Super Bowl ad. The brand is Crowdsourcing their first TV ad. Dunder Mifflin has teamed up with crowdsourcing platform Tongal to create the ad.
Client: Dunder Mifflin via Quill
Agency: Crowdsourcing & Tongal

Logitech with more Ivan Cobenk Ads

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I know it has been a while since my last post and please except my sincere apologies for the lack of activity on Inside That Ad. I’ve been extremely busy at work so please keep coming back. Today, I wanted to discuss the Logitech ads featuring Kevin Bacon as the obsessed fan Ivan Cobenk, he’s obsessed with Kevin Bacon or I should say himself

The T.V. spots are series of interviews with Ivan Cobenk regarding his fanatical love for all things Kevin Bacon. Cobenk also discusses how the new Logitech Revue Google enabled TV setup box allows him to indulge in his favorite past time. What is his favorite past time? Watching Kevin Bacon movies.

According to Goodby, Silverstein’s creatives the idea for the campaign simply began as someone obsessed with an actor. The twist to have that person be played by the actor he is obsessed with came later. And amazingly enough Bacon was the creative teams first choice and they obviously got their first choice.

Anyway the spot above is not just an extended cut of the commercial but also has embedded interactive areas around the video. Some of the hot spots (links) take you to Ebay to bid on some of Ivan Cobenk’s belongings. Cobenk has an entire Ebay page devoted to him at Kevin Wonder of the World.

Oh, and all of the money from the auctions go towards Kevin Bacon’s charity sixdegrees.org. Anyway, what do you guys think? Also, you should know that the videos and the character himself have become quite viral. The man is on YouTube, Facebook, and he even has a Twitter following.