Leather and Cookies by Axe

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Way back in the 1970s, a team at Ogilvy came up with the timeless phrase “Two great tastes that taste great together.”

That classic bit of copywriting described the irresistible combination of chocolate and peanut butter in Reese’s cups. But it could apply to almost any two seemingly incongruous flavors, smells or other sensations, including … leather and cookies?

Since its 1984 debut, Axe has given the teenage boys of the world many classic bodywash and bodyspray scents, including Africa, Anti-Hangover and Denim. But this new product may be its oddest yet. The Unilever brand turned to German creative agency Dokyo to help promote the impossible combination of Leather + Cookies, and they did not disappoint.

I want to ask you does this sell more of the product?

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Toyota’s Championship Game

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Toyota really scored big with this “Championship Game” commercial The spot features two sisters learn the meaning of sportsmanship when they attend their father’s wheelchair basketball game, nervously watching as he gets knocked to the ground by an opposing player, and then witness the dejection in his eyes after his team is defeated. As they are about to leave, he rolls over to the man who knocked him down and shakes his hand. It really appeals to the audience’s emotions, a tried and true tactic when advertisers feature “disability” in their advertising.

The spot, can be credited to Saatchi & Saatchi L.A captured passion, competitiveness and good sportsmanship, a move in the right direction for advertising. Advertising featuring people with disabilities usually portrays them as a group to be pitied. Toyota does a good job portraying them in a more positive manner.

Domino’s Made a ‘Wipeable’ Adult Onesie, So You Can Get Pizza All Over Yourself While Eating

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Dominos onezee

Want to attack your pizza like a Neanderthal, but worried about getting sauce all over your fancy clothes? Domino’s has the perfect gag garment for you.

Just in time for New Year’s Day, which is Domino’s busiest day of the year in the U.K., the pizza chain has unveiled what it’s calling “the world’s first ‘wipeable’ onesie,” a ridiculous piece of attire made of “stain proof fabric with soft velveteen for comfort and resilience.”

Made by fashion designer Charlotte Denn, it allows the wearer to eat pizza with wild abandon—without having to worry about sauce spillage.

The creation of the onesie was also pegged to research revealing that almost three quarters of Brits (73 percent) change into pajamas or comfy clothes the moment they get home each evening.

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Test Drive Canada Campaign

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Test Drive Canada Campaign

JWT Canada released a digital campaign for Air Canada that advocates people give Canada a test drive by visiting as a tourist prior to moving there. I’d be willing to bet that they came up with this campaign based on research that people are increasing Googling “how to move to Canada” to avoid the possibility of a Trump presidency here in the U.S.

The spot begins with an Air Canada ticket agent watching a screen tracking how many Americans are searching for “How can I move to Canada?” — sitting at 1,367,899 as she says, “And there’s another one.” Then she proceeds to mention cultural and geographical differences that we, Americans should try out before booking a one way ticket up North. Differences such as the Metric system– successfully being funny.

Even more impressive is the fact that “Moving to Canada searches increased even more when the California primaries took place according to an AgencySpy article. Regardless of that little factoid, I still voted for the other guy!

What do you guys think of the campaign that debuted approximately in June, 2016.

Google Commercial: Story of Jacob

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Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 9.28.55 PMSo, I missed the ESPY awards today but apparently Google aired its first television commercial during the show. The commercial, a two-minute plus spot  focus on a gym dedicated to providing transgender athletes a place to work out — known as Jacob & City Gym. Interestingly enough, the commercial aired moments before USWNT star Abby Wambach presented the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage to Caitlyn Jenner. Thought of something else, Why are giving this person an award regardless of his/her courage? Wasn’t he/she responsible for the death of another person?

See Google’s debut into television advertising below.

My question is this, why is Caitlyn Jenner’s gender identity still being discussed? Why can’t we let people be who they want to be so long as they don’t infringe on anyone else’s rights?

Finally, I’ll let you know who that agency behind this commercial is as soon as I find out.

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Some of the Most Patriotic Ads

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Some of the Most Patriotic AdsI meant to post this on the 4th but never got around to it. Please forgive my tardiness and enjoy a few patriotic ads on behalf of Inside That Ad.

Here are  some ads that really love America:

Clint Eastwood: Chrysler

USA vs England World Cup: Dodge Challenger “Freedom Commercial”

Chevy Truck: Our Country

Nike with the World’s Fastest Commercial

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Nike with the World's Fastest CommercialThe shoe giant Nike recently created the fastest commercial ever advertising their newest Zoom Air sneakers. the spot features some of the world’s best athletes doing what they do best at lightning speed. That lightning speed is demonstrated via time lapse video technology of course. Let me know what you think of the spot down below.

The spot was created courtesy of an agency with one of the funniest names I’ve ever heard of “Must Be Something” also based out of Portland. Being in close proximity to your client must provide extra incentive to produce outstanding work. Anyway, let me know what you guys think of the commercial that incidentally takes a minute and 30 not the traditional 30 seconds.

Some of the athletes featured include:

  • Kobe Bryant: 5-time NBA champion (basketball)
  • Wayne Rooney: 3-time England player of the year (soccer)
  • Richard Sherman: Super Bowl champion (football)
  • Marlen Esparza: Olympic bronze Medalist (boxing)
  • Odell Beckam Jr.: Offensive rookie of the year (football)
  • Rafael Nadal: 14-Time Grand Slam champion (tennis)
  • Serena Williams: 20-Time Grand Slam champion (tennis)
  • Marcus Mariota: 2nd overall NFL draft pick (football)
  • Katarina Johnson Thompson: 2014 world No. 1, heptathlon (track and field)
  • Shane O’Neill: Pro Skater (skateboarding)
  • Mo Farah: Olympic Gold Medalist: 5,000M/10,000M (track and field)
  • Allyson Felix:  Olympic Gold Medalist: 200M/4x100M/4x400M (track and field)
  • Shelly-Anne Fraser-Pryce: Olympic gold medalist,100M (track and field)

the athlete list above was courtesy of Adfreak.

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Provoking Images

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Hi World,

I recently read a Foreign Policy Magazine article that discussed Saudi Arabia and building weapons technology but that isn’t the main point of this post. my question is why does the image (the attention her of the magazine) have to be so negative? Particularly because Saudi Arabia as a country has never engaged in such activity.

Provoking Images But seeing this image without any context enables people to make harsh and unfair judgments without understanding the real issues. It conjures up hate among mankind and I think with the holy month of Ramadan upon us we should a little more to promote love and understanding. But what do I know? The side of says the magazine has the responsibility to its parent company.

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What Happened to agencycompile.com?

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AgencyCompileAgencycompile.com has changed significantly since the last time I tried to use it seriously back when I was living in Boston. I wanted to ask the community out there, why this change happened? What you guys think about it? Do you guys the site got better or worse since making the transformation?

I remember it as being a simple website, with a plain look, feel and login that was very appealing to me. That appeal stemmed from knowing of a site where I can look up agencies based on size, specialty, billing ranges and most importantly to me location so that I can submit my resume to open positions. Now, the site doesn’t appear to be so simple to navigate through. It has so many sections and functioned very poorly while I was trying to use it in Google Chrome that I’m surprised no one else has complained. Furthermore, I submitted another registration form and tried to contact some sort of support department because I wasn’t getting the confirmation email to complete the registration to allow me to use the site but I haven’t heard anything back. Has anyone else experienced the same type of problem?

Back when this blog was on blogspot.com I used a list agency compile as an advertising related resource. But these days, I don’t know if I would do the same thing on this blog should I ever build another advertising resource page. What’s the community think about the new site design? Have you all experienced the same types of problems?

It will be great if we could start a conversation about the site. Leave your comments and feedback below in the comments section.

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